Friday, September 13, 2019

Lost Communities in Pine County, Minnesota, Part 2

Researched and written by LaJune Troolin

Chengwatana Village (Alhambra Village) - Chengwatana Township Section 26 at the point of were the Snake River leaves Cross Lake - The area around Chengwatana (Alhambra) had been inhabited for many years by an Indian village and later by trappers, traders, etc. The settlement was first platted in 1856 as Alhambra by Elam Greeley, Judd, Walker and Company, and before the ink was dry, a share was bought by Daniel Robertson (Robertson Company). In July 1856 Herman Trott became an agent for Robertson Company, and his first task was to plat a new town and call it Chengwatana. The Alhambra plat was set aside, and the new plat was made larger. In February 1857 Chengwatana became the first county seat for Pine County. The first county commissioners were Herman Trott, George Staples, and Royal Grey. The village had a school, post office (Alhambra 1856-1857; Chengwatana 1857-1873), court house, general store, hotel, blacksmith shop, sawmill, several houses, etc. When the train went through Pine City instead of Chengwatana, Pine City became the new county seat in 1872.

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Clint Village - Royalton Township Section 29 - This area was developed by Swedish immigrants in the late 1890's. The village contained a store, post office (1900-1902), sawmill, school, and cemetery.

Minnesota Place Names-page 441; Pine County and its Memories-page 73

Copper City - Nickerson Township - This village was proposed for the Arrow Line Electric Railroad (Twin City and Lake Superior Railway) about 1907.

Pine County and its Memories-page 263

Danewood Community - Royalton Township Section 31 - Danish immigrants settled the southwest part of the township in the late 1890's.

Minnesota Place Names-page 441; Pine County and its Memories-page 73

Deer Creek Stage Stop - Barry Township (first called Arthur Township but changed because Kanabec County already had an Arthur Township) Section 9 - Deer Creek Stage Stop was midway between Hinckley and Sandstone on the government road.

Pine County and its Memories-page 197

Eaglehead Community - Wilma Township Section 7 - The Farmers Land and Cattle Company established an experimental farm called Eaglehead. The new settlers in the area had no farming skills, and they were shown how to plant and farm. At the headquarters, they had a post office (1911-1917) and a confectionery. By 1918 Eaglehead and its farmers had closed down because the soil was no longer rich.

Minnesota Place Names-page 441; Pine County and its Memories-page 261

East Rock Community - Rock Creek Township - The first settlers in East Rock were Yankees, and then the Swedish immigrants arrived a short time later (late 1800's). A Baptist Church was organized on September 12, 1885 in Section 36 and a school in Section 36.

Pine County and its Memories-page 54

Elkton Stage Stop - Windemere Township Sections 10-11 - The stage stop was on the old government road.

Pine County and its Memories-page 80

Ellson Village - Bremen Township Section 4 - Ellson started out as a lumbering community in 1895. There was a sawmill, a halfway house that also served as a post office (1904-1925) and a store, a town hall, and a school. The 1918 fire completely destroyed the small village.

Minnesota Place Names-page 441; Pine County and its Memories-page 229

Erie Community - Keene Township Section 28 - The Erie Community was a farming area with a school, which was organized on September 16, 1915 and closed in 1936.

Pine County and its Memories-page 328

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