Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pine County History Quiz #2 – Answers

1. Chengwatana was Pine County's first county seat. Chengwatana, located east of Pine City, was platted in 1856 with the name Alhambra. 

2. The 1894 firestorm started with two fires near Mission Creek and Pokegama (now Brook Park). The two fires came together just south of Hinckley to produce the firestorm. 

3. Pine City was platted in 1869 but not officially organized until 1881. 

4. William H. Grant, Sr., founded the Sandstone quarry in 1885. 

5. Dr. W.C. Ehmke practiced medicine in Willow River and surrounding areas from 1906 until his death in 1948. 

6. Mrs. Mosbaek, wife of Ludvig Mosbaek, was called the “Mother of Askov” because she treated her fellow settlers with great kindness. The Mosbaeks founded the Ferndale Nursery. 

7. Hotel Grace was located in Kingsdale. It was owned by C.R. Grace, who arrived in the area in 1911 and also owned a general store in Kingsdale and promoted land development. 

8. Pokegama means “one land jutting off from another” in Ojibwa. 

9. The former name of Henriette was Cornell. 

10. The Soo Line ran through Denham, which was established in 1908, the same year in which the Soo Line was built.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pine County History Quiz #2

See if you can answer these ten questions about Pine County history. I'll post the answers next week. 

1. What was Pine County's first county seat? 

2. The 1894 firestorm started with two fires near two Pine County towns. Name those towns. 

3. In what year was Pine City platted? In what year was it officially organized? 

4. Who was the founder of the Sandstone quarry? 

5. What was the name of Willow River's well-known doctor who practiced in that town from 1906 until his death in 1948? 

6. Which Askov lady was known as the “Mother of Askov” and why? 

7. Where was the Hotel Grace? 

8. What does “Pokegama” mean in the Ojibwa language? 

9. What was the former name of Henriette? 

10. Which railroad ran through Denham?