Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meat Market Burned...Death

From the Kanabec County Times, June 19, 1886:

Hinckley, June 15. – The meat market burned this morning, between 3 and 4 o'clock it was discovered on fire and an alarm sounded and in less than one-half hour it was consumed. David McIver the proprietor slept in the building and the first he knew about it the burning mass was falling on his bed. He succeeded in dragging his truck out on to the street, and citizens helped to save which they could but that was very little. He bought the building of Kick & Radden last April soon after it was moved from its old site. It is thought the fire originated in or about the chimney as he had a fire in the stove in the evening.

A man employed on the St. P. & D. R.R. [St. Paul and Duluth Railroad], working on the grade about one mile north of the village died very suddenly last Sunday afternoon of hemorrhage of the lungs. He was not considered very strong and was given light work in consequence, but for the past week he had been drinking very heavily, and on the afternoon in question was seated at a table writing when suddenly he leaned back and asked for water, it being brought at once but he was unable to drink any. Soon the blood began to pour from his mouth profusely and he died before his companions could summon a doctor from town.

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